How to get there?

How to get to Nijmegen

The city of Nijmegen is easily accessible by cartrain or bus from all parts of the country. For nation-wide travel, trains are the best option. There are several airports in the neighbourhood, so when planning your trip to Nijmegen, please check which airport is the most convenient for you.

Map of the Netherlands


The ‘OV-chipkaart’ is used as a general means of payment for the public transport system. The OV-chipcard can be loaded with credit in euros with which you can travel within the Netherlands by bus and train.


At Nijmegen Central Station you can also rent a so called OV-bike. The Radboud University also has several bike parks. It is possible for international students, staff and guests to hire Radboud Bikes.

How to get to the congress venue?

Congress venue hotel:

Van der Valk hotel, Nijmegen – Lent                                                                                                         Hertog Eduardplein 4                                                                                                                                    6663 AN Nijmegen, The Netherlands


You can take a direct train from the Nijmegen central station to the Van der Valk hotel (see map). However, when arriving through Schiphol airport (Amsterdam), it is easiest to take the train to Arnhem and transfer there onto the train to Nijmegen-Lent.

train timetable to Lent


There is a busstop in front of the congress venue, which will take you to and from Nijmegen city center. The public transportation website will give you more detailed information.


There is a large private parking next to the congress venue hotel, which can be used free of charge.

how to get there van der Valk

Radboudumc (hands-on workshop)

Public transport

Trains stop at Nijmegen Central Station and Station Nijmegen Heyendaal. During rush hour bus line 10, the Heyendaal Shuttle, runs every five minutes directly from the central station to campus Heyendaal. This bus line runs only during weekdays and not during holidays and in weekends.

Local buses stop on campus in the Philips van Leydenlaan, the Heyendaalseweg, the Kapittelweg and Erasmuslaan. There are several connections from Nijmegen Central Station to these bus stops. For traveling by bus or train you must use the OV-chipkaart (public transportation chip card). An easy way to plan your trip is using the website OV9292.


Map of the Radboudumc campus


Carry ID!

In the Netherlands anyone of 14 or older is required to carry official identification papers (an ID) at all times. Nationals of one of the countries of the EER and Swiss nationals must carry a passport or a residence permit for EU/EER citizens. Nationals of a country outside the EER and non-Swiss nationals must carry a residence permit. People who violate this law can be fined up to €60.