11th European Pediatric Colorectal Congress, December 6-7 2018

Click on the links to have a look at the program of the 11th European Pediatric Colorectal Congress. The core congress will focus on the pediatric surgical and urologic aspects of the treatment of anorectal malformations and Hirschsprung’s disease. For the nurses there will be a parallel program on December 7 focusing on subjects as sexuality and bowel-management.  The nurses are also welcome during the core congress on December 6th.

Program 11th Pediatric Colorectal Congress 2018

Parallel sessions

At the end of each congress day (Thursday/ Friday 16:00-18:00) we have parallel session and you can choose which one you would like to attend. The sessions will be the same on both days, only the abstract session will have other abstracts on each day. the content/ programs of each parallel session is added in the following links.

Program parallel session 1 Innovations in Pediatric Surgery

Program parallel Session 2 Quality of Life

Program parallel Session 3 cloaca

Program parallel session 4 abstract session


Hands-on Workshop

On December 8 there will be a hands-on workshop targeted on young pediatric surgeons, fellows and residents. You will practice on animal models and will be guided through the steps of the procedures by an expert. As preparation of the workshop we ask all participants to go to the basic course sessions, during the core congress on December 6-7, because this will prepare you on the steps and pitfalls of the procedures you will train during this course. You will work in teams of three persons maximum, with one teacher. The workshop will be in the morning or in the afternoon.

Updated program hands-on workshop Saturday December 8

Sexuality Workshop

Also a new workshop has been added on this Saturday morning regarding sexuality in colorectal diseases. This workshop will be organised together with the patient organisations. More details on the Saturday workshops will follow in the near future.

Sexuality workshop Saturday December 8

Nurses program December 7

On December 7 there will a seperate program for the nurses, specialized nurses, nurse practioners, psysician assistants, etc. On December 6th they are also welcome to join the regular program, with live surgery, debates, cases and parallel session, including the abstract session in which part of the session is dedicated to stoma care and bowel management.

The nurses program is about nursing and medical care for children with congenital colorectal disorders such as Anorectal Malformations (ARM), Hirschsprung’s disease (HD) and rare complex colorectal disorders. The speakers emphasize the integration of nursing and medical care with a central role for the nursing specialist. The program is divided into 4 topics:

State of the art at ARM and HD

The participants will be informed about the most recent developments in medical (surgical) treatment in children with ARM and HD. With focus on diagnosis, postoperative follow-up and long-term follow-up.

Transition in care

Attention is paid on how to set up a outpatient transition clinic for congenital colorectal and urological patients. The experience of the patients will be discussed. The participants will become aware of developments regarding transition and the possible challenges afterwards.

Attention is also paid to transition in care in general and specifically for colorectal patients and the importance of the case manager in the transition. Afterwards, the participant will be informed of the recommendations in the area of ​​transition published in 2017 for patients with ARM.


During this presentation the participant will be provided with knowledge on how to discuss problems in the field of sexuality in patients with colorectal disorders, which steps can be taken in guidance and referral of the patient. An overview is also given of an ongoing research on sexuality at ARM and HD. Afterwards, the participant will be aware of the importance of discussing sexuality.

Treatment of continence care, urological disorders and (complex) stoma care.

During these workshops extensive attention is paid to the treatment of urological problems and continence care. Attention will also be paid to the treatment of functional constipation and (new) surgical and conservative interventions, including the role of the nurse/ nursing specialist. In the conservative methods, skills are provided that are necessary to learn actions and how therapy adherence can be promoted. Afterwards the participant will be informed about (nursing) research and the different materials that can be used during the treatment.

In the workshops on continence for stool, the problems and treatment options with advantages and disadvantages will be discussed, including intestinal flushing via a Chait and Malone stoma. Afterwards, the participant is aware of the principle Bowel Management and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of giving laxatives versus irrigation.

The participant will be also trained with skills in the treatment of (complex) stoma care by children on the basis of discussing a few cases according to the latest guidelines.

nursing program 7 december 2018 pediatric colorectal congres

Speakers of the nursing program